Through WebOPTICS — BCS’s proprietary inventory control system — you’ll have access to real-time data, which can be customized by our tech pros to increase efficiency and streamline your company’s inventory and logistics operations. WebOPTICS is provided as a complimentary service for BCS customers, and it is managed by our in-house developers.

Need a WebOPTICS login?

Click link below to access the WebOPTICS agreement form. Please email your signed form to us and we will assign a login to you.

WebOPTICS overview:

The WebOPTICS warehouse management system provides Bellingham Cold Storage customers with 24/7 online access to the products they have stored in our warehouses. Customers are able to quickly access real-time inventory reports and printable documents, including bills of lading, delivery tickets, lot detail and more.

With barcode technology and BCS’s WebOPTICS online portal, you always know where your products are. Plus, you have access to critical operations data, and you can efficiently communicate with our team when it’s time for shipping or receiving.

When you become a customer of Bellingham Cold Storage, you’ll receive a copy of our BCS 101 guide book, which was created by our employees to help you take advantage of all WebOPTICS has to offer.

WebOPTICS features:
  • Ability to track current inventory by type or lot number.
  • Downloadable inventory data for products stored in BCS warehouses.
  • Online management of hold and release status changes.
  • Online form for submitting inspection instructions.
  • Reports related to lot detail and product history, including running balances and pallet level detail.
  • Ability to order listings by date, using your order number or one generated by BCS.
  • Order detail that includes scheduling info and box line tally sheets.
  • Printable documents: bill of lading, warehouse receipts, invoices and delivery tickets.
  • Downloadable transaction register.
  • Vessel reports, including export product receipt listings and load reports (by booking number, hatch, detail or summary).
  • Online form for submitting inbound traffic requests.
  • Online management of export and domestic shipping orders, including packing instructions.
  • Customized email notifications for shipping and receiving activities.
WebOPTICS email notifications:

Bellingham Cold Storage has an automatic email notification system that works in conjunction with WebOPTICS.

There are two types of inbound emails:

  • The first one you’ll receive is an inbound notification; this email will list product descriptions when the inbound is offloaded and a manifest is printed at the dock.
  • The second email you’ll receive is the warehouse receipt notification, which is sent when the warehouse receipt is completed at BCS’s office (after new lots are set up correctly and data is confirmed). This email has links to order detail as well as the printable warehouse receipt page on WebOPTICS.

With outbound traffic, you’ll receive a shipment notification email when a truck, van, boat or rail car leaves our warehouse center carrying your product. Included in that email will be a link to the WebOPTICS printable bill of lading page. If we are processing multiple orders in one shipment, each bill will print on a separate page using this link.