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Alaska Reefer Management + Kloosterboer International Forwarding – Customer of the Quarter

January 11, 2022

KIF customer since 2010, ARM since 2011

BCS’ long-term vision to develop our breakbulk business into one of our main activities at our waterfront facility took a big step forward in 2021!

Our Private Marine Dock separates us from our competitors. We have the ability to service large vessels with direct access to our adjacent portside warehouses, reducing exposure to the elements.

Our facility can handle frozen, chilled and dry cargo. Being able to handle trucks, vessels and railcars makes BCS a great option for 3PL businesses offering services to companies all over the world.

Photography by Charlie P.
Alaska Reefer Management a private reefer carrier contracts high quality, temperature-controlled logistics services from trusted partners on behalf of the Alaska seafood industry and their customers.

Alaska Reefer Management (ARM) and Kloosterboer International Forwarding (KIF) have been an integral part of this growth. They are two key partners in our effort to market and operate our private waterfront terminal. ARM and KIF worked closely with us in 2021 to add new overseas customers to BCS.

Companies have been looking for alternatives to the containerized services that have experienced delays around the world. For many of them, Specialty Reefer Cargo break-bulk service will be added to their traditional containerized mode of transportation to make sure their products get to their customers without disruption. BCS has invested heavily in our dock the last 3 years and our name has started to circulate amongst more
vessel operators and shippers nationally and internationally. We plan to invest much more in the years ahead to improve our dock, warehouses, and service capabilities.

Kloosterboer, customer of the quarter

Kloosterboer International Forwarding a specialized freight company arranging supply chain management to strategic markets and seafood buyers around the world.

We want to thank ARM and KIF by recognizing them with BCS’ Customer of the Quarter Award. They have been a true partner for the last two decades and are especially critical to achieving our goal this year.

Thank you, ARM and KIF!

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