January Employee of the Month - Armando Sierra Mora

Armando Sierra Mora – January Employee of the Month

January 26, 2024

Here at BCS, we celebrate excellence, and this month, the spotlight shines on Armando, our night shift hero and January Employee of the Month. His infectious positivity isn’t just a personality trait; it’s the fuel that drives his dedication to our company and his fellow employees.

From the moment he steps onto the dock, Armando embodies our core values. His infectious smile and encouraging words lift spirits and inspire action. He doesn’t just meet expectations; he sets the bar higher, consistently delivering top-notch work while readily lending a hand wherever needed. He’s the coworker who doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile, juggling his tasks while mentoring others and finding innovative ways to improve.

Armando Sierra Mora – January Employee of the Month

Armando tackles challenges head-on, embracing responsibility and hard work with an unwavering commitment. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable, making him a sought-after resource across the night shift. His willingness to share his wisdom, whether it’s building manifests, running accounts, or honing driving skills, makes him a true team player and a mentor to many.

Working alongside Armando is a privilege. He’s the kind of colleague who makes you feel proud to be part of BCS. His dedication is contagious, reminding us all that every shift, every task, is an opportunity to shine. So, Armando, a heartfelt congratulations on being more than just an employee – you’re a shining star. Thank you for illuminating our company with your positivity, TEAMWORK, and unwavering spirit.

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