Novemeber's BCS Employee of the Month

BCS Employee of the Month: Claire Adams

November 10, 2020

Please join me in congratulating Claire Adams as our October Employee of the Month.

The person that nominated Claire said, “Claire is a mild-mannered person with a tough Job. As our compliance officer, she wears many hats. She is responsible for keeping us in compliance with the regulations we need to keep up on. Don’t let her gregariousness fool you, she is a worker and a doer and a problem solver. In the interactions I have had with her she has been professional and upbeat and her work is sound. BCS was very lucky to pick her up and I personally feel so much better to have her at BCS.”

As a new member to the BCS team, Claire has quickly made herself indispensable. Claire joined BCS and immediately began absorbing everything she needed to know with minimal direction. She has led the charge in updating policies to meet the ever-increasing standards while keeping an eye out for BCS, our customers, and the safety of the food in our custody. Claire is more than willing to take the initiative to improve processes and is dependable to get the job done right.

Through the quality of her work and her clear representation of all of BCS’s core values, Claire has shown that she is well deserving of the Employee of the Month Award.