Piles of ice inside the ice machine.

BCS: Pacific Northwest freezing experts

June 6, 2019

Whether their food comes from land or sea, perishable food producers in Northwest Washington rely heavily on Bellingham Cold Storage for its expert freezing and logistical capabilities. BCS freezes food on a massive scale using blast freezers and individual quick freeze (IQF) belts.

Berry farmers, fishing fleet operators and other food producers come to BCS warehouses for help freezing seafood, fruits, vegetables, meats and even processed foods.

How does it work?

BCS has large-scale freezers that it leases to regional food producers who then operate production facilities at one of two campuses in Bellingham. In addition to huge amounts of storage space for frozen goods, BCS provides ammonia refrigerant for tenants’ spiral freezers, supplied by on-site engine rooms.

A few highlights of the 24-hour freezing capabilities at Bellingham Cold Storage:

  • IQF belt freezer for seafood with a daily capacity of 150,000 pounds.
  • IQF belt freezer for fruit with a daily capacity of 150,000 pounds.
  • Total daily blast freezing capacity of 300,000 pounds.
  • Slow freezing capacity of up to 2 million pounds of food (for example, of cranberries, as we did for one customer recently).
  • Freezing capacity for fruit drums and manufactured products of 250,000 pounds daily.

For chilling on the go, BCS also supplies industrial ice — up to 300 metric tons of it every day — to customers who need it. Offering dockside ice services in Bellingham, WA means boats that arrive at the Port of Bellingham have access to a commercial ice house that can pump shaved ice directly into the holds of fishing or transportation vessels.

With various freezing methods available, Bellingham Cold Storage can freeze, chill and preserve many types of perishable foods. Contact us for more information.

Frozen fish.