BCS Stanwood Provides All-Inclusive Processing and Ready to Take on Customers

March 4, 2021

Bellingham Cold Storage’s Stanwood cold storage and food processing facilities are  fully up and running, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this additional space for lease to meet our clients’ growing need for processing, handling, freezing and warehousing in the region.

This is a unique opportunity for companies to lease a turnkey food processing facility, attached to dry and frozen warehouse space, taking their process from raw materials to finished product ready to ship under one roof. BCS handles the receiving and storage of ingredients, packaging and finished product. BCS also handles all shipments, including assembling and picking orders.

Case Study:

A large regional company specializes in small fruits processing and packaging. Let’s take a look at their old workflow, and how BCS’ facilities have transformed the way they do business now.

  • The Old Way:  They bring their raw material to BCS during harvest, and year-round with containers coming from South America. Customer would then truck the raw material from BCS to their production facility, twenty miles away. They would repack the raw product into finished retail product, and then would ship it back twenty miles to BCS to be stored until sold.
  • The New Way: Customer delivers the raw material during the harvest and containers year-round. BCS then feeds the raw material directly from our warehouse to their production lines within BCS’ complex; once the finished product is packed BCS moves it back to the BCS warehouse onsite until the customer sends an order to ship.

The warehousing is connected to the customers production and handled by BCS. The adjacent BCS’ facilities drastically improve efficiency by decreasing the time and cost of the shuttle trucking, protecting against damaged products and potential temperature abuse in transfer. 

Facility’s All-Inclusive Benefits – Start Tomorrow

Our Stanwood Processing Facility is built to make your company’s life easier, by focusing on the growing and processing while BCS takes care of the rest. Stanwood offers features that include:

  • 83,000 square feet of cold storage, dry storage and loading docks.
    • Flexible storage solutions with bulk, open and push-back racking.
    • Ability to provide refrigerant to customer’s IQF freezing tunnels.
  • BCS’ experience hosting facilities for on-site processors.
  • Engine Room to support customer freezing needs, including complimentary engineering support 24/7.
  • Additional connected 125,000 square feet of processing space and offices available for lease:
    • 13,000 square feet of office space.
    • 112,000 square feet of processing/dry storage, which can accommodate a single large processing plant, or as many as 4 processing plants of various sizes, from 8,700 to 47,000 square feet.
  • Complimentary access to BCS’ Inventory Management Software, “WEBOPTICS”. 
  • BCS handles receiving and storage of ingredients, packaging and finished product. BCS also handles all shipments, including assembling and picking orders.
  • Convenient access to I-5, 45 minutes north of Seattle. 
  • Exceptional Service Metrics, constant 90% Customer Satisfaction Rating.
  • A small city that offers a favorable labor force. 

So, whether you’re in the business of processing or packaging foods, pharmaceuticals or supplements we have the resources here to make your operations smooth and efficient. Lower your transportation costs, the staffing it requires, the pollution it produces, and the damage it causes. We would love to hear from you and your company to discuss how we can meet your needs and significantly enhance your production experience.

For more information, contact Jose Roqués, Vice President Marketing and Sales at Jose.Roques@bellcold.com or call 360-733-1640.