Bellingham Cold Storage celebrates 60 years in business

June 1, 2006

Bellingham Cold Storage celebrates its 60th anniversary with a Customer Appreciation Party at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club on Friday, June 9.

Bellingham Cold Storage began business operations in the summer of 1946 with the opening of its first cold storage warehouse and ice production facility located at the Squalicum Waterfront facility in Bellingham.

BCS has a long and positive history of partnering with on-site processing customers to provide state-of-the-art processing facilities located immediately adjacent to their cold storage and transportation logistics operations. With 16 warehouses, BCS has grown over the years to become the largest and most diversified portside cold storage and frozen food processing facility on the West Coast, with over one million square feet of buildings.

BCS facilities account for over 1,200 year-round jobs, with over 1,800 during the peak summer season, at its Orchard Drive and Squalicum Waterway locations.

“Bellingham Cold Storage has been very fortunate to align itself with an outstanding group of loyal customers, talented and hard-working employees, and the Talbot family,” said Doug Thomas says, BCS president and CEO. “Our owners continue to support re-investment in the business to ensure its long-term success and place as one of the industry’s leaders.”