Employee of the month Chris Nava

Chris Nava – October Employee of the Month

November 17, 2021

Chris Nava has been an incredible addition to our operations leadership team throughout some of the busiest times BCS has seen in years. Long before Chris took on his current role as Assistant Plant Manager, you would see Chris coming in on weekends and bringing his crew treats on his own dime. He has continued to support his expanded team under his new role. 

You can count on Chris to step in and help out whether it’s hopping on a lift when our crew is already stretched thin, or staying late to make sure he can set up the next shift up for success. He demonstrates great TEAMWORK. If you ask for Chris’ support, he will find a way to help you out. You don’t have to tell Chris how to do something, or even why. If you tell him something needs to get done, he will find a way to accomplish that task. We are so grateful to have Chris on the BCS team, and it is an honor to award him with Employee of the Month.

Please congratulate Chris for being our October Employee of the Month.