December Employee of the Month - Cody Farmer

Cody Farmer – December Employee of the Month

December 27, 2023

Cody, a standout team member at Bellingham Cold Storage, embodies the company’s core values of integrity, teamwork, quality, accountability, and attitude. His positive demeanor influences everyone around him, creating a workplace culture where these values thrive, which is why he was named December Employee of the Month.

In his role overseeing dry storage, Cody takes personal ACCOUNTABILITY for maintaining QUALITY standards, ensuring our customers’ expectations are met during product handling and storage. His honesty, dependability, and commitment to excellence make him a true asset to the company, reflecting the core value of integrity.

Cody Farmer - December Employee of the Month

Cody’s TEAMWORK shines through as he not only completes tasks with diligence but also serves as a mentor to new employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning. His positive attitude and adaptability contribute to a work environment that aligns seamlessly with Bellingham Cold Storage’s core values.

In essence, Cody’s impact extends beyond his individual contributions, embodying the essence and core values of Bellingham Cold Storage. Join us in celebrating Cody’s achievement and dedication to BCS as December Employee of the Month.

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