Racks of goods in dry storage at BCS.

Solutions to Industrial Dry Storage Management Challenges

October 19, 2019

Every company needs dry storage for their products, packaging, spare equipment and parts, etc. Safe, clean, ambient temperature is at a premium these days.

The sad truth about most companies’ dry storage is that it is inefficiently managed; especially smaller dry storage warehouses without proper organization and aisles where the owner is trying to maximize its use without enough access, working areas, and cube.

Most companies have a seasonal or product promotion cycle that causes inventory levels to rise and fall. Many companies use us for their seasonal overflow – so they can right-size and optimize smaller warehouses of their own year-round.

Bellingham Cold Storage Dry Storage Warehouse

View Your Products Live Online

Bellingham Cold Storage manages dry storage warehouses just like we manage our cold and chilled storage. You will know exactly what you have stored with us real time with our online WMS, and you have access to it at all times.

Adjacent Warehousing, Private Ocean Dock, + Managed Dry Warehousing

BCS leases 12 food processing facilities. Our tenants’ production floors are adjacent to all their warehousing, in each of our campuses, including our managed dry warehousing. BCS has its own Private Ocean Dock and dry storage is an integral part of the reefer ships we service. We manage dry ingredients just-in-time for large food manufacturers that do not want to add additional dry storage warehouses, or manage them, especially growing companies that would rather invest their capital in growth. This includes Canadian companies that are growing in the US, and would rather run their US Distribution Center in the US, for both their Canadian and US manufacturing.

BCS is an industrial warehousing expert, handling about 1 billion pounds of palletized products annually. Even our ambient temperature dry storages operate under SQF food quality standards.  Whatever your palletized storage needs are, discuss your dry storage needs with us.

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