BCS ships

Feeding the world by ship, train and truck

December 6, 2018

Bellingham Cold Storage ships all over the world

The company’s favorable location — with warehouses adjacent to Interstate 5, a major rail line, and the Bellingham waterfront — translates to ease of access for a number of businesses with product stored at or shipping through BCS.

At Bellingham Cold Storage, we pick up and set down approximately 2.3 billion pounds of product for customers each year. Load all of those products into semitrailers and you’d have a line of trucks extending from Bellingham to Boston and back to Chicago. (Thankfully, we spread all of that work over around 320 business days each year.)

BCS’s waterfront location gives it easy access for shipping to Seattle, Alaska and the world beyond. In ocean-going refrigerated vessels, Bellingham Cold Storage ships to destinations worldwide, to such ports as Vigo, Spain; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Japan and, in the past, even to outlying communities in the Russian Federation, shipping their annual supply of food, medical supplies, snowmobiles, boats, vehicles and clothing.

By truck and train, BCS customers have their goods shipped all over North America; our 50 truck bays and nine railcar bays offer quick and plentiful access to goods. In Canada, you can often find products delivered by BCS in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. In the United States, just look at any major metropolitan area — Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Portland and many more.

Salmon coming from Alaska and headed for Galveston, Texas? If a customer orders it, we ship it. Black Cod to Duluth, Minnesota? That, too. Through BCS, our customers also ship halibut, tuna, king crab, snow crab, herring, sardines, shrimp, pollock… cold storage is our thing, and our prime marine location means we help seafood make it to dining tables all around the world.

But that’s not all. Bellingham Cold Storage also provides customers with transport for just about everything in the kitchen — including the sink. From cheese, ice cream and butter to flour, salt and granola; from strawberries, cranberries and raspberries to grapes, sweet corn and carrots. We also ship peanut butter, frozen cookie dough, French fries, Jamba juice, juice concentrate… Honestly, the list goes on.

With two campuses in Bellingham — including a 1,000-foot deepwater dock on the waterfront a customs-bonded warehouse near Interstate 5, one campus in Stanwood, and two campuses in Burlington — Bellingham Cold Storage is perfectly situated to facilitate shipping just down the road or all around the globe. BCS is a major distribution center for dry, chilled and frozen food, and that’s a big reason why at BCS, we can say that we help to feed the world.