Employees of the month Gene and Jan

Gene and Jan Knutson – September Employees of the Month

October 5, 2021

Gene and Jan have been a dynamic duo at the reception desk for decades.  They are always pleasant and professional with everyone that they come into contact with.

Jan began her career with BCS on April 2, 1996, and has blessed us with her special talents over the years. She works as a receptionist on Mondays, filling in for Gene each week while he is up at City Hall for his City Council duties. However, Jan is also a master floral arrangement specialist. We have had the privilege of her beautiful arrangements at dozens of company events, funerals, weddings, and parties. Jan has a warm and wonderful approach to preparing each arrangement with care, all of which turn out amazing. Jan brings that same warm and accommodating disposition to the office, in addition to being a breath of fresh air to everyone she interacts with.

Gene started his career with BCS in the warehouse on August 4, 1975. Following an injury that almost took him away from BCS, he transitioned to the office several years later.  We found the perfect job for him and he has done an excellent job at the front desk for over 25 years since moving in from the operations side. Gene was lucky enough to marry Jan back on November 2, 1996, just 7 months after she started her career with BCS.  This gave BCS the perfect pair to cover our reception and front office duties with humor, a bright welcome, and a few strategic humorous jabs from Gene to keep us on our toes.  He does not discriminate and hands out the funny names and greetings to many of us in the office and around the complex when we come by the front desk or get a page to pick up a call on the PA system.  I’ve always said that if he doesn’t have a nickname for you, you should be worried… He is like the Chris Berman of ESPN, only he is the Gene Knutson of BCS. I call Gene “Gino Torretta” or “Torretta” for short, which was the name of the University of Miami quarterback that was supposed to hit the NFL on fire after winning the Heisman Trophy in 1992 (The year I first met Gene here at BCS).

The Knutson Family Legacy

  • 25 years and counting – Jan
  • 46 years and counting – Gene
  • 42 years (1971-2013) — Bob
  • 6 years (1952-1958) —– Clarence “Knute”

Collectively this family has spent 119 years with BCS, I’m fairly certain more than any other family in our history.

Gene and Jan are both quick to pitch in with extra tasks that help others in the office get through their busy week, and that has never been more true than the last two months when both Gene and Jan were here answering calls and jumping in to help everyone that was shorthanded.  Gene and Jan are also a big part of our employee appreciation events, with Jan making all of the flower arrangements that each table winner gets to take home while Gene provides the entertainment parts of the raffle and door prize commentary.

Gene and Jan are the perfect couple and we are so fortunate to have them both here on our team for the last several decades.  I only wish they were both 25 again!

Congratulations Gene and Jan, you epitomize our Core Values and are very deserving of BCS Employees of the Month!