Gerardo Quiroz

Gerardo Quiroz is Joining the Operations Team

May 17, 2022

Meet Gerardo Quiroz

I’m very pleased to announce that Gerardo Quiroz will be joining the operations team at BCS. 

Gerardo begin his journey with us on April 25th as Plant Manager at the Squalicum Facility. He will be taking over as Todd transitions into the wonderful world of retirement. Gerardo has a proven background within the Food and Beverage manufacturing and supply change industry with more than fifteen years of experience, having served as Senior Executive of Operations at Flora, Inc. in Lynden and Canada.  His expertise is both rich and unique, which is exactly what we need here at BCS.

We have received excellent professional references that spoke of Gerardo’s ability to recognize and motivate team members while implementing thoughtful and pragmatic steps to achieve goals that are balanced and effective. We are confident that he will be an asset to both our company and clients. 

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to Gerardo, and join me in extending a warm BCS welcome!

We’ve attached his photo to help you recognize him when you see him around.

For more info, contact us here.