2023 May employee of the month, Jim Heay

Jim Heay – May Employee of the Month

June 13, 2023

Jim has shown to be a jack of all trades when it comes to operations at the Orchard plant. Not only does he do regular forklift driving and warehousing, but he also spots trailers, fills in on account work, picks orders, loads trucks and doesn’t fuss about going to any of the other zones to help when needed. In the past month he’s driven on all docks at the Orchard plant in one capacity or another. Jim accepts the odd jobs including some messy ones like tarping dump trailers and cleaning up garbage in the warehouse. He regularly signs up for OT and is happy to perform work at either facility.

Jim Heay, May employee of the month 2023

His willingness to help wherever needed showcases a good ATTITUDE and TEAMWORK and his ability to do a variety of activities highlights the QUALITY he puts into his craft. Jim has been emulating our BCS core values which is why I think he makes a great employee of the month!

Please join us in congratulating Jim for being our May Employee of the Month.

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