May Employee of the Month

Josh Andreason & Edwardo Saenz, BCS’ May Employees of the Month

June 18, 2024

Bellingham Cold Storage is proud to announce Josh Andreason and Edwardo Saenz as our first Team of the Month this past May. Their exceptional TEAMWORK, positive ATTITUDE, and unwavering integrity have demonstrably contributed to the smooth operation of our facilities.

Despite encountering various challenges throughout the month, Josh and Edwardo consistently maintained a professional and optimistic approach. Their collaborative spirit fosters a productive and supportive work environment, and their commitment to ethical conduct ensures all decisions are made with the utmost integrity.

Both Josh and Edwardo consistently go above and beyond expectations, demonstrating a dedication that is truly commendable. Their commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of Bellingham Cold Storage’s success, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them on our team.

Josh and Edwardo exemplify the core values we hold dear at Bellingham Cold Storage. Their positive ATTITUDE, exceptional TEAMWORK, and unwavering integrity represent the very best of what our team can achieve. We are thrilled to recognize their outstanding contributions this month.

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