BCS Employee of the Month

Kevin Varholla: February Employee of the Month

March 15, 2021

Congratulations to our February Employee of the Month, Kevin Varholla. Selected by his peers, Kevin is a swing shift team lead at the Orchard facility who certainly exemplifies the BCS Core Values. When challenges arise, some shudder or shake their heads in discontent, only seeing “a problem.” Others strap up their boots and delight in the chance to take advantage of a golden opportunity.

In recent months there have been numerous challenges that have sprouted up at our Orchard plant, much like any other area at BCS. But rather than playing the complaint card or deflecting responsibility to someone else, Kevin looked at these moments as opportunities. Opportunities to highlight just what we can accomplish when we put our CORE VLAUES into action.

When situations or circumstances made success seem impossible, he used TEAMWORK, communicating with leads, foreman and management to determine viable solutions. INTEGRITY and ACCOUNTABILITY lead him to be flexible in his schedule, coming in early or staying late if necessary t meet the demands of our customers when staffing was short in effort ot uphold a high level of QUALITY in our service. And above all, ATTITUDE. Having a positive attitude and exhibiting the resolve to transform what some might consider “a big problem,” into a great opportunity!

If you have a chance, please take a moment to congratulate Kevin Varholla for being selected as the BCS Employee of the month.