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Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd. – Customer of the Quarter

July 13, 2022

Customer since 2021

In 2021, we were introduced to Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd. As a forward-thinking company, they were looking at broadening their options to connect the US with Japan to import and export food products. It was clear very quickly that BCS could play a significant role in their logistics structure.

In 2022, we started loading vessels with food cargo heading into the Japanese markets. As of today, we have loaded two vessels and we will be loading a third one in just a few days.

Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd. was established on April 1, 2020, by consolidating the export and import services, human resources, and knowledge of the retail business sector of Mitsui & Co.

Sugar refinery in Thailand. This serves as a stable source of supply for Japan’s No. 1 sugar, SPOON brand, which is sold in collaboration with Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.

Mitsui & Co. was established in 1876, and it is one of the largest “sogo shosha” (General Trading Companies) in Japan; it is part of the Mitsui Group, and Its business area covers energy, machinery, chemicals, food, textile, logistics, finance, and more.

As we started our conversations with Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd., it felt somehow overwhelming to us. It is not every day that we engage in discussions with a company of such significance. That feeling did not last for more than a few minutes. Makino Wataru visited BCS representing Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd. to discuss our export shipping capabilities. We immediately felt that Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd. was looking not just for a vendor but a true long-term partner to support their business plans.

customer of the quarter

Transporting customer’s product overseas.

There are many reasons that Mitsui & Co. has been in business for almost 150 years. One of the secrets to their continuing success has been the intentional development of strong partnerships with quality vendors, suppliers and customers which have carried them through challenging times, like the pandemic that we are just putting behind us now.

We are proud to be a service partner of Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd.’s logistics. Mitsui is an impressive company with incredibly talented employees that are a pleasure to work with.

Mitsui & Co. Retail Trading Ltd., Welcome to the BCS family!

We are looking forward to our continued partnership with you for many years to come.

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