Employee of the month Paul DallaSanta

Paul DallaSanta – August Employee of the Month

September 5, 2021

Paul DallaSanta has been an excellent member of the BCS programming team since 2017.  He always demonstrates incredible INTEGRITY with everything he does, even in delicate situations where doing the right thing isn’t the easiest or quickest solution. Recently he was called on to perform duties that are not part of his normal role at BCS and he was amazing.  Paul’s ATTITUDE was always positive and upbeat even in the face of very long hours. Paul’s demonstration of “whatever it takes” and TEAMWORK helped BCS meet our customers’ needs during very challenging times. We couldn’t have done it without Paul’s help. In his normal duties, Paul always has an eye for QUALITY work. Every program that he works on is made better by his efforts. The programs that he creates are well organized which helps us later on when we need to make enhancements.

Next time you see Paul making an IT house call, congratulate him for being selected employee of the month.