BCS’s Private Dock Services

December 21, 2023

Seamlessly Connecting Products to the World Since the 1940s

Bellingham Cold Storage (BCS) is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of marine services, providing a seamless and efficient connection between the Pacific Northwest and the world. With our strategically located private deepwater dock, direct access to dry, chilled and refrigerated warehouses and connectivity to rail and trucks BCS is your premier all-inclusive partner for your cold storage needs.

900-ft long dock at BCS

When you entrust your maritime operations to Bellingham Cold Storage, you’re not just gaining access to a private terminal with up to 900 feet of deepwater dock; you’re embarking on a partnership with a team of experienced logistics professionals who are committed to supporting your business’s growth. As the first port of call for Alaskan customers, BCS has established itself as a beacon of excellence in marine services, offering flexible warehousing spaces, cutting-edge WebOPTICS warehouse management software, and a commitment to efficiency and reliability.

The Arctic Gateway

Bellingham Cold Storage’s private deepwater dock services are more than just a point of entry; they are the gateway to a seamless and streamlined logistics experience. Serving as the first port of entry to the lower-48 for Alaskan customers, BCS is known as the largest private deepwater terminal and portside cold storage facility on the West Coast. The strategic location of the private dock facilitates quick and efficient transfer of goods for businesses operating in the Arctic region. Over the course of 2023, BCS loaded 47,000 NMT loaded for international customers.

Marine Services Excellence

The private dock services offered by Bellingham Cold Storage are part of a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in the seafood and maritime industry. Since 1946, BCS has helped companies move products by sea, land and air – within the United States, across Canada and around the globe since 1946. From vessel transloading to container services, BCS ensures that every aspect of the logistics chain is optimized for efficiency and reliability. 

dedicated employees loading a ship at the BCS dock

BCS takes pride in offering customized solutions that resonate with the unique requirements of its clients, and supporting a variety of vessels including factory trawlers and trampers delivering products to and from Asia and Europe.

The private dock services are not a rigid template but a flexible array of offerings, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses. This bespoke approach fosters enduring partnerships, positioning BCS as a trusted logistics ally committed to understanding and meeting the distinct challenges faced by each client. 

Key Features of Bellingham Cold Storage’s Private Dock Services

  • Strategic Location: BCS’ private dock is strategically located to serve as a pivotal point for Alaskan businesses looking to transport their goods globally. Canada border, I-5 to Seattle and inland.
  • Expertise in Marine Services: With years of experience in marine services, BCS has fine-tuned its operations to meet the unique challenges of the maritime industry.
  • Quality Control: The private dock is equipped with reliable facilities, including temperature-controlled storage, ensuring that goods maintain minimum touch points, reducing product waste.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: BCS prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our private dock services and team embody more than a mere entry point into the logistics chain; they represent a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and innovation in the seafood and maritime industry. Through vessel transloading, container services, technological integration, customization, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability, BCS ensures that its private dock services are not just a service but a strategic advantage.

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