Samson Farms – Customer of the Quarter

September 14, 2023

Customer since 2011

Samson Farms is a family-owned and operated berry farm in Everson, Washington. The farm was founded by Sam Dhaliwal in 1977 and is now run by his son, Rob, who is committed to his father’s legacy of growing high-quality berries and growing Samson Farms. 

Sam immigrated to Canada from Punjab, India, in 1973. He always had farming in his blood and started his first berry farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Over the next few years, he experimented with crops like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and strawberries, but eventually cultivated his passion with raspberries.

Due to increasing land use issues in 1987, Sam chose to move his farm to Washington State, where he continued to grow raspberries, and he also started planting blueberries. In 2004, Samson Farms added a fruit processing facility to the farm.

Today, Samson Farms has grown from 35 to almost 300 acres of raspberries, 135 acres of blueberries, and 40 acres of black currants. The farm also has a state-of-the-art fruit processing facility enabling Samson Farms, LLC to package high-quality fruit for consumers.

Samson Farms has been a proud member of the BCS family since 2011. We would like to recognize this valuable partnership with BCS’ Customer of the Quarter award. We are excited to work with them to continue bringing their delicious berries to consumers worldwide.

Congratulations, Samson Farms! If you want delicious, high-quality berries, check out Samson Farms’ website at   

We would like to show our appreciation for all these years of continuous support by recognizing Samson Farms BCS’ Customer of the Quarter. 

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