Food Processing Facilities

Bellingham Cold Storage is a West Coast 3PL warehousing center that offers leased processing facilities with easy access to all major transportation channels — ocean, rail, interstate trucking, and air.

Food processing facility overview:

Many warehousing and food processing companies lease from Bellingham Cold Storage for years because doing so provides them with logistical advantages they cannot recreate on their own, such as a superior location and industry pros with decades of experience.

In addition to existing warehouse spaces for lease, BCS owns land within the city limits of Bellingham, WA that is now available for build-to-suit industrial development. We have the team and the tools you need to start a custom food processing facility in proximity to Seattle-area ports and the U.S./B.C. border.

Food processing facility features:
  • BCS currently hosts 12 leased production facilities at two food park campuses in Bellingham, WA
  • 20 acres of land is now available for development; BCS has the capacity to add more leased production facilities
  • Competitive land costs when compared to Seattle, Everett or Vancouver, B.C. leased production centers
  • Options to lease land for the construction of your custom processing facility
  • Off balance sheet financing for small to midsized processors allows companies to save capital for inventory, personnel, R&D, and marketing while BCS offsets other capital needs
    • BCS can build your new processing facility on a monthly lease
    • Adjacent warehousing – frozen, refrigerated, dry — is scalable so you only pay for what you need
  • Help with project management, design, permitting (including stormwater) for new construction
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance
  • SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • The ability to eliminate GFSI exposure and shuttle truck expenses by connecting processing plants with refrigerated warehouses and truck loading docks
  • Cost-efficient delivery of refrigerant from BCS engine rooms to your freezing equipment

Whether you are a global food brand looking for a West Coast processing center, or a Pacific Northwest food producer who needs to preserve capital as you grow, consider exploring expanding through Bellingham Cold Storage.

What do custom processing facilities produce?

Our current list of custom food processing tenants includes top brands, such as Trans-Ocean Products, Rader Farms, Trident Seafoods, and Nanak Foods. Through Bellingham Cold Storage, those companies and others have been able to package and ship food products around the globe including:

  • Seafood
  • Dairy and cheese
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dry cereal
  • Meat