Freezing Services & Ice Sales

Freezing has always been at the center of Bellingham Cold Storage’s primary service offerings. Supporting the local seafood runs and the harvest of millions of pounds of regional fruits and vegetables requires a massive investment in freezing infrastructure and capacity, which we continue to expand and upgrade today.

Freezing services overview:

Our freezing infrastructure includes multiple refrigeration engine rooms that support a variety of blast, plate and spiral freezers, several IQF freezing belts, and intensive fan/room freezing. BCS also supplies ammonia to our in-house customers, supporting their freezing equipment by utilizing our engine room’s capacity. This service saves them the cost of building, maintaining and staffing their own systems and nearly eliminates the regulatory compliance burden for our in-house processing customers.

  • Ammonia supply to tenants’ contact freezers
  • 17 individual IQF blast cells with over 400,000 pounds of total freezing capacity
  • A Frigo Scandia IQF seafood freezing tunnel — over 150,000 pounds per day
  • An IQF raspberry belt freezer (follows inline tenant liquid nitrogen freezer) — 100,000 pounds per day
  • -20 F high air velocity warehouse freezing areas for large volume drum, pale, rack, case or tote freezing
Ice sales:

In 2012, BCS rebuilt the icehouse facility completely from the ground up and discontinued the production of ice blocks, producing solely flake ice.

This new facility was designed to support the ice needs of the local fishing fleet at its peak and the daily needs of our custom processing tenants — Trident Seafoods, Home Port Seafoods and QSea Specialty Services — with a 220 metric ton daily production output and 220 metric ton storage capacity (485,000 pounds per day, more than 10 times what the original facility was capable of).

The new state-of-the-art BCS icehouse produces some of the best quality flake ice in the nation, with fishermen and processors alike raving about our high-quality, free-flowing ice.

BCS has supported the Puget Sound and Alaskan fishing fleets for over half a century, and we are a large fresh port for Washington and Alaskan halibut and black cod longline deliveries. We pump directly into boats or into insulated totes.

Please call us to discuss your industrial or seafood related ice needs at 360-733-1640.