Leased Food Processing Facilities 

BCS has many reasons for being such a large regional food logistics hub, including our own 900-foot ocean terminal with direct Alaskan and international shipping, direct access to seafood and local agriculture, Canadian trade, rail distribution and more. Perhaps no reason is greater than our on-site leased processing facilities. Most of our tenants have been with here for many years — even though many are now big enough to build their own facilities.

If you prefer to build your own new production facility on our Orchard Drive campus, we also would entertain that discussion.

Please consider a BCS food processing facility:
  • We currently lease 12 on-site food processing facilities
  • The facilities are located in our two Bellingham food park campuses
  • Our campuses are 100% SQF/GFSI certified
  • In most cases, the facilities are connected to their refrigerated warehouses and truck loading dock (no GFSI exposure or shuttle truck costs)
  • BCS dry storage warehouses are adjacent, and we offer larger managed dry storage
  • In many plants, BCS provides refrigeration from our engine rooms to tenants’ freezing equipment, saving them the cost of equipment and refrigeration engineers
  • BCS manages the stormwater permitting, compliance and management in our food park campuses
  • 20 acres are coming online in 2021
  • BCS land costs are very competitive compared with Seattle, Everett and Vancouver, Canada
  • BCS entertains leasing the land for tenants to build  
  • Off-balance-sheet financing for smaller and mid-sized processors, so they can save capital for inventory, personnel, research and development, and marketing, while BCS offsets other capital needs:
    • We’ll build your new processing facility on a monthly lease
    • Our frozen, refrigerated, and dry adjacent warehousing is totally scalable, providing as much or as little as you require
Bellingham Cold Storage offers:

BCS hosts large, independent food companies that operate around the world as well as regional and local food companies that need to preserve their constrained capital as they grow. Please explore BCS food processing facilities.