2023 Employee of the Year

June 18, 2024

Every year, we recognize one employee who truly embodies the spirit of BCS – the Employee of the Year. This year, we’re honored to celebrate Ted Rosen, whose dedication to these core values is an inspiration to us all.

Ted exemplifies the very best of BCS. Those who have the pleasure of working alongside Ted know him for his unwavering patience, exceptional kindness, and tireless dedication. This past year, Ted’s commitment to excellence was recognized with the prestigious BCS Employee of the Year Award.

Ted enjoying Oyster Dome

“Ted exemplifies the very best of Bellingham Cold Storage.”

Sharing an office with Ted provides a firsthand look at his remarkable work ethic. He consistently juggles multiple tasks simultaneously, his focus and efficiency a marvel to observe. Ted is always available to address emergencies and answer questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. His calm demeanor and genuine interest in helping others put everyone at ease.

“Ted’s unwavering patience and genuine kindness create a positive and productive work environment for everyone.”

Doug Thomas, BCS President & CEO

Ted never loses his composure and possesses a rare ability to prioritize effectively, and when a question requires deferral, he does so with respect and clear communication. He follows through on his commitments, ensuring that every task receives the attention it deserves.

Ted’s expertise in his field is undeniable. His comprehensive knowledge allows him to tackle any challenge with confidence and find solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results. He is a valuable asset to the BCS team, consistently exceeding expectations and ensuring that every project is completed accurately and efficiently.

Ted working on a BCS employee’s computer.

Ted’s positive attitude and unwavering dedication to his colleagues are truly inspiring. He embodies the core values of BCS and serves as a role model for all employees. His unwavering patience and genuine kindness create a positive and productive work environment for everyone around him. BCS is fortunate to have such an exceptional individual on its team.

With Ted’s positive spirit and unwavering commitment, the future of BCS is bright. We’re excited to see what they accomplish next and feel privileged to have them as part of the BCS family.