Basin Pacific Insurance - Ted Rosen

Ted Rosen – March Employee of the Month

April 11, 2021

Ted is the newest member of the IT department. He’s worked with us at BCS since November 2020. He won recognition as the employee of the month for his unshakable positive ATTITUDE and the high QUALITY of his work. Ted is always ready to help our employees at BCS, regardless of how many times they call or how unusual the request. He also demonstrates great TEAMWORK in the IT department. He’s always got an eye on our support ticket system and jumps in whenever his skills are needed. His ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY top notch. Ted always makes sure his solution solves the needs of our users while providing the right solution for the organization as a whole.

Just this week, Ted wrapped up a project to replace the remaining computers running Windows 7 with brand new Windows 10 computers. This project required a lot of flexibility to prioritize the long list of project tasks while balancing the normal help desk workload. While deploying these computers Ted always called ahead to make sure the users who depend on these computers won’t be adversely impacted. Before finishing the deployment he made sure to leave the user’s desk in a better condition than he found it. Without Ted’s hard work and attention to detail this project would not have been successful.

Next time you see Ted please congratulate him on being employee of the month!